Musikfesttage an der Oder

This festival comes with a long tradition: the »Frankfurt Festtage fr Musik« exist since 1966. It was created by the musical society »Carl Philipp Emaunuel Bach«. For many years now it does not only celebrate the works of the second Bach son, who studied in Frankfurt from 1734 1738: increasingly the festival includes working with musicians ...
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Every year at the end of May beginning of June, it is the event. Refreshing, young, unconventional theatre in extraordinary places: on streets and squares, in the old tram depot, on the campus of the European University or in Cafs. Even if you are not really a theatre enthusiast be prepared to be convinced. In 2007 the festival already celebrates ...
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The festival exists since 1992, and it is dedicated to Frankfurts most famous son: Heinrich von Kleist. He was born in Frankfurt, went to school here, and studied here. Every year in October there are theatre performances, readings, other spectacles, music and pantomime: all in his honour his works are interpreted in many different ways. The »big« and »small« festival days swap annually; in 2007 it is the turn of the more extensive »big« festival. Alongside the festival is the announcement of the Kleist scholarship for young dramatists; the winning drama will be performed at the next festival.




Chanson or worldly music? Classical music or folksong? At the TransVOCALE festival you can listen to anything that sounds like a song. Since 2003, every year in November, in Frankfurt (Oder) and in Slubice. In the Kleistforum and in the SMOG (the cultural centre in the polish town of Slubice). The international festival for songs and worldly music is a ...
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