St. Marienkirche

Approximate begin of construction around the second founding of the town in 1253
A cross wise construction, thee nave hall church with a double fronted tower
15th century; extension of the longhouse into a five-nave hall church ...
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St. Gertraudkirche

Neo-gothic brick building / three-nave basilica
Architect: Stadtbaurat (lit. the towns construction engineer) Carl Emil Christ / Baumeister (master builder) Wilhelm Knzel.
Construction Begin: 1874
Opening: 1878 ...
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Konzerthalle »Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach«

(Church of the former Franciscan Abbey)
Three-nave hall church
Construction Begin: around 1270
1516 25: Construction of the longhouse under Andreas Lange
1966: 99 year lease to the town of Frankfurt. Begin of restoration works. Re-design into the concert hall.
1967: Opening of the concert hall with the second »Frankfurter Festtage der Musik«
1975: Installation of an organ by the firm Sauer with 50 registers / 3890 pipes
1987: Construction of a multi-purpose extension
2004: Installation of the ridge-turret

The concert hall »Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach« is owned by the »Messe und Veranstaltungs GmbH« (exhibition and event company). The hall is home to the Brandenburg Staatsorchester (State orchestra) and the Singakademie Frankfurt (Oder) (Choir). Also the orchestra of the »Frankfurter Musikfreunde« (friends of music) rehearses here.




Three-nave hall church
Construction Begin: before 1253 oldest church in Frankfurt
In the 14th century construction of the hall choir
Further construction work in the late 14th century: Vaulting of the ceiling in the longhouse and construction of the south tower; then until the 19th century several reconstructions ...
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Kirche St. Georg

Construction Begin: 1926 Architect Curt Steinberg
1928: installation of the organ by the firm Wilhelm Sauer church consecration
Four church bells
In front of the church: sculpture of the dragon slayer St Georg
1990: New construction of the organ by the firm Sauer / 27 register



Kirche Heilig Kreuz

(Katholische Kirche)
Halled longhouse with 3 ledgers
Construction Begin: 1897 / Architect: Engelbert Seibertz
1901 1902: Organ installation / firm Sauer / 46 register
Four church bells: Leo, Robert, Maria, Georg
Since 1967: Redesign of the church hall / Architect: ...
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Gemeindehaus der ev. Kreuzkirchengemeinde

Two story five axial building / hipped roof with bell tower
Construction Begin: 1927 / Architect: Otto Peter
On second floor: church hall for church services
Organ on the eastern gallery / Firm Sauer 1938
Church Hall Windows: glass paintings by Carl Busch / Berlin
(Half length portrait of Swedish King Gustav Adolf, Martin ...
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Wooden frame construction / Siberian wooden construction
Church of the former War Prison Gronenfelde
Built by Russian prisoners of War / Frankfurts sawmill Skomoda
Construction Begin: 1915
1919: Disbandment of the war prison / begin of the ...
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Kirche Kliestow

Rectangular fieldstone construction with a square west tower
Tower with a richly structured renaissance gable
Construction Begin: probably the second half of the 13th century
Tower: 15th or early 16th century, completion probably around 1612



Kirche Booßen

First church probably around 1250
First mentioning of the church in records in 1317
Around 1317 construction of the added longhouse
Rectangular west tower 15th or early 16th century
First half of the 19th century: installation of the organ
Numerous redesigns of the interior dcor ...
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Kirche Rosengarten

Neo-baroque hall church
Consecration: 1903
Architect: Royal Master Builder Gustav Hauer
3 church bells / Apolda
Colourful lead glass paintings of the apses windows
1903 installation of the organ / Firm Sauer / six register



Kirche Lichtenberg

Heavily destroyed in 1945 and a ruin since then Construction: probably around second half of 13th or first half of 14th century One church bell (in the bell tower next to the church tower) / Apolda Preserved interior pieces part of the baroque altar top frame / carved figure of an angel / alabaster relief from the 16th century / parts of the chancel, 1713 / stone christening font, 1883 The parish is striving to restore this church



Kirche Hohenwalde

Rendered rectangular building with a hipped roof and tower
Consecration in 1607 / Builder: Ehrentreich von Rbel
Rendered, gothicised tracery at the top of the tower construction from 1794
Organ from 1869 / Firm Wilhelm Sauer
Interior of the church has been redesigned when the organ was installed in 1869
Richly decorated renaissance alter



Kirche Lossow

Crosswise constructed brick building with square tower.
Burnt down in 1945 ands a ruin since then
Construction 1741 1746 / Builder: Adolph Friedrich von Beerfelde
1913 closure by the department of building regulations
1950 the tower was made secure, new flat pavilion roof
Formerly two church bells
Baroque gravestone fragments



Kirche Güldendorf

Single nave early gothic hall church / second part of the 13th century
Tower: constructed in the 15th century
Construction of a vestibule at the north portal around the end of the 18th century. Construction of a vestry at the east wall at the beginning of the 19th century
Two church bells
In June 1945 the church burnt down completely through a stroke of lightning and the interior was completely destroyed.